Canfield Vectra H1

When it comes to laser esthetic treatments, overcoming challenges is all a part of the process. The Vectra H1 is not so much a cosmetic laser treatment, but a photographic technology that our team at Young Forever Spa utilizes to cultivate 3D imaging of the face.

By imaging the face three separate times from different angles, we can create a perfect 3D reconstruction. This 3D imaging allows us to make an accurate analyzation of your face’s volume utilizing its surface. We can also rotate the HD images to identify potential flaws, furthermore enabling our team to cultivate the best possible treatment.

By employing Vectra H1, Young Forever Spa can determine where facial volumes have been adjusted, in addition to what superficial modification have already been applied.

Dense image to image correspondence enables fine-scale 3D biomechanical analysis.

A quantitative approach to soft tissue change assessment that characterizes the degree of stretch, compression, lift, and volumization.

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